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Les Amis de Gabriel Loppé

Association AGL

Association Loi 1901 enregistrée sous le n° W742003025 à Bonneville (74136 cedex)
287 Route Couttet-Champion
74400 Chamonix Mont-Blanc

“Les Amis de Gabriel Loppé” wish to:

  • support any project aimed at promoting and preserving the work of the artist Gabriel Loppé, and his reputation
  • assist in the acquisition of his works by public institutions
  • support the preservation of the painter’s artistic heritage by creating a dedicated foundation
  • coordinate all goodwill to carry out the said actions above, wherever they take place
  • help develop the existing fund of archives relating to the artist and to facilitate their access by the public.

To become a member of the Association

The Association “Les Amis de Gabriel Loppé” wishes to promote and preserve the work of the artist Gabriel Loppé (1825-1913), known in particular for his paintings and photographs but also for his engravings, drawings, glass plates or objects that belonged to him.

Paper membership

To be completed and returned by post.

Online application form

The membership is annual, it will allow you to be informed of our actions by email and with the website and the Facebook page.

You can also email this form and pay your fee by wire transfer using the following:

IBAN : FR76 1810 6000 2296 7732 4850 569
Bank : Credit Agricole des Savoie, 152 avenue Michel Croz, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France.

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