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    Gabriel Loppé,
    painter, photographer

    and mountaineer in Chamonix Mont-Blanc

Les Amis de Gabriel Loppé

• create events to promote the artist’s work and reputation,
• wish to initiate a foundation around the painter’s artistic heritage,
• preserve and develop the existing archive.

Gabriel Loppé (1825-1913)

Painter, photographer and alpinist

Born in Montpellier, Gabriel Loppé was the first artist to be both an accomplished mountaineer and to paint at altitude. He climbed Mont Blanc many times and painted on its summit on at least three separate occasions. For over sixty years Loppé spent his summers in Chamonix where he climbed and painted en plein air and through his annual participation in the Alpine Club’s exhibitions in London, Loppé gained an international reputation as a peintre-alpiniste. Epitomising the spirit of the Golden Age of mountaineering, his pictures combine the thrill of discovering the Alps with an unrivalled ability to capture snow and ice.

Together with Monet and Courbet, Loppé was also a precursor and innovator in painting wintry and snowy landscapes. Through his paintings, photographs and drawings, we can follow the artist and also the man as he travelled through a rapidly changing world, ever alert to the numerous technical innovations of his time.

As a consequence of his pioneering photographs Loppé was one of the first users and recorders of steam trains and the ‘electric fairy’ that transformed urban life.

Some of the artist’s works

gabriel loppé peinture montagne
gabriel loppé paris peinture

News from the association

Latest articles in French

The exhibition “Gabriel Loppé, painter, climber and traveller” is extended until 1st May 2024.

The exhibition “Gabriel Loppé, painter, climber and traveller” is extended until 1st May 2024.

“La montagne et alpinisme” Special issue : Gabriel Loppé

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Video Gabriel Loppé

The association of the Friends of Gabriel Loppé offers you to watch this short video to present the artist Gabriel Loppé (1825-1913), the mountaineer, the painter, the photographer and the always curious traveller.

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